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Papers Information

The linux.conf.au 2011 call for papers is closed. Successful proposals are being notified now.

linux.conf.au 2011 had called for paper submissions of different types:

Presentations45 minutes
Tutorials1 hour and 45 minutes (short)
Tutorials3 hours and 30 minutes (long)
PostersPoster information

Presentations times include time for questions.

If you wish to submit a proposal for a one-day community organised mini-conference, see Miniconf Information.

Important Dates

Call for Papers opensTuesday 13th July 2010
Call for Papers closesSaturday 7th August 2010
Email Notifications from
Papers Committee
September 2010
Conference beginsMonday 24th January 2011

Information on Presentations

We're seeking a wide range of papers across the whole spectrum, encompassing programming and software to desktop and userland, education, community and law, but one element is essential:

The core of your paper must relate to open source in some way, i.e., if it's a paper about software then the software has to be licensed under an Open Source license.

Some typical topics (but not limited to these) include:

  • Aspects of kernel development, including recent data structures and algorithm developments
  • Database and File system developments
  • Desktop topics, covering aspects of the user experience
  • Networking topics, from device drivers to servers
  • Novice user's introduction to exploring FOSS
  • Professional development, including Software Engineering & System Administration techniques
  • Scalability, both embedded and enterprise
  • Development topics, including concurrency and toolchain advancements
  • Open Source Software usage, including business, education & research
  • Graphics & sound advancements, from low level drivers to end-user applications
  • Open Source culture, including open content creation

Information on Tutorials

As we invest a large portion of linux.conf.au time on the tutorial sessions, we have high expectations of them. Tutorial submissions need to be detailed and focussed, covering only one tool or project. The outcome of the tutorial for the attendee should be a working, non-trivial example. The tutorial submission needs to state clearly and plainly any required skills, software or hardware, including how to install and setup the requirements. People interested in running a tutorial are encouraged to contact the papers committee to discuss their idea prior to submission: papers@lca2011.linux.org.au

Information for Speakers

Great speakers make for a great lca, and we acknowledge this by providing for the Primary Speaker the following free benefits:

  • Attendance at LCA2011, including receiving swag
  • Attendance of you and your partner to the Speakers Dinner
  • Attendance to the Professional Delegates Networking Session
  • Attendance to the Penguin Dinner

Secondary Speakers are not entitled to free registration or to any extra benefits. They must register online and pay the registration fee as conference Delegate.

Paper Selection Process

The lca2011 Papers team is comprised of notable Australian (and New Zealand!) members of the Open Source community. Their primary criterion is that your talk is suitable for the linux.conf.au audience. The Papers team only accepts submissions from people who show a deep understanding of their topic. Typically only 25% of submissions are accepted. The first submissions to go are those that do not provide basic information on how their topic is relevant to the Open Source community and how the speaker knows their topic intimately. The committee values fresh content and speaking experience.

An insight into how the selection process works is available at How to get a conference abstract accepted and Getting a talk into linux.conf.au, both written by members of the lca2011 Papers team.

How to Submit a Paper

In order to submit a proposal for a Paper, you will need to:

  1. Create an account, which requires entering your full name and email address
  2. Confirm the account by clicking on the link emailed to you
  3. Sign in using that account
  4. You are now ready to submit a Paper proposal

Please go to the Submit a Paper/Presentation page and enter the following information in support of your proposal for a Paper. Most of the fields are optional. In order to increase your chances of acceptance, please provide as much information as possible.

  • The title of your paper
  • The type of paper: Presentation (45 minutes), Poster, or Tutorial (short - 1 hour and 45 minutes or long - 3 hours and 30 minutes)
  • An abstract summarising your paper, up to 500 words
  • Any special technical requirements
  • The target audience: Community, Developer, User or Business
  • The name of the project your paper relates to, including its URL
  • A short video about your paper, the project it relates to and/or yourself
  • Any additional files, including images, slides, etc
  • Whether accommodation and/or travel assistance is required
  • Information about you, including your name, phone number, homepage, biography and relevant experience
  • Whether materials relating to your paper can be released under a Creative Commons ShareALike License

Submitters will not be asked at any time for any papers or written material in support of your proposal for a Paper.

More Info for Speakers

More information for those presenting is available. We encourage you to read it.

Papers Enquiries

lca2011 Papers Committee
Email: papers@lca2011.linux.org.au

Speaker Enquiries

LCA2011 Speakers Organiser
Email: speakers@lca2011.linux.org.au