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To see the whole of linux.conf.au 2011 in all it's glory, including Miniconfs, Presentations, Tutorials & social events, you can refer to the Schedule.


The linux.conf.au 2011 conference starts with two days of Miniconfs organised entirely by the community. First innovated in Brisbane at lca2002, this ever popular collection of conferences within a conference is set for a home coming.

For more information, refer to the Miniconfs page


On the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, running in parallel with the conference presentations is the stream of Tutorials. In the time prior to lca2011, Tutors may have resources and notes that they would like attendees to have in advance.


Technical posters that describe a new and innovative project or technology, as well as creative posters that highlight the capabilities of a particular program, project or language will be present during the conference.

For more information, refer to the Posters page

Open Day

Saturday the 29th of January, the last day of the conference, is the Open Day. This is where lca2011 meets the community at large, engaging joe public on the good things that come from Open Source.

Further information on Presentations can be found on the Papers page