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lca2011 Announces Successful Miniconfs

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Brisbane, Australia - The lca2011 organisers are delighted to announce the successful miniconfs for linux.conf.au 2011 to be held in Brisbane.

lca2011 Miniconf convenor Sarah Smith commented "We've been amazed with the quality and quantity of the miniconf proposals. Selection was not easy, however lca2011 would have to boast the most exciting and substantial array of lca miniconfs to date!"

Debut miniconfs Southern Plumbers and Rocketry are accompanied with old favourites like Haecksen, Libre Graphics Day & Systems Administration. "We have 15 miniconfs in our program this year. We were spoilt for choice with the excellent miniconf proposals submitted" says Ms Smith.

"lca2011 organisers welcome the successful 2011 linux.conf.au miniconf organisers to the lca2011 team. Keep watching our website for details as their miniconfs take shape", she said.

Arduino Jonathan Oxer
Business of Open Source Martin Michlmayr
Data Storage Stewart Smith
Freedom in the cloud Francois Marier
Haecksen Lana Brindley
Libre Graphics Day Ryan Lerch
Mobile FOSS James Purser
Multicore and Parallel Computing Nicolás Erdödy
Multimedia + Music Jonathan Woithe
Open in the public sector Daniel Spector
Open Programming Christopher Neugebauer
Research & Student Innovation Peter Lyle
Rocketry Bdale Garbee
Southern Plumbers David Airlie
System Administration Ewen McNeill

More information about lca2011 Miniconfs is available here.